Established in 2017, Hills & Fort (HFC) GRP division is emerging as a name synonymous with reliable, quality services. We cater for Public & Private sector Clients in and around the MENA region. Our services mainly comprise of all GRP (FRP) components such as Structural Manholes, Preformed Manhole Liners, Preformed Benching for Sewerage & Drainage systems, Lamination for Pumping Stations, Sewerage & Drainage Manholes, GRP Tanks (Water, Chemical), GRP Ladders, GRP Rails, etc.

Our GRP division has an experienced team of trained professional who are committed to achieving customer satisfaction with innovative and sustainable solutions to improve existing as well as developing new Infrastructure. We are approved by all authorities including DM, RTA, Sharjah, RAKWA etc.

Major Activities


  • Structural manholes
  • Pre-formed benching
  • In-situ laminations
  • Pumping station laminations
  • Pipe joint laminations
  • GRE pipe joint laminations
  • Sealing plates


  • Water tanks
  • Ladders
  • Gully grating covers
  • Planter box
  • Delivery box
  • Decorative items
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